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Adult party face in hole boards

Get that 18+ party swinging with our risqué party animal photo cutout boards! Giggles come as standard. Snap your mates in compromising positions looking totally ridiculous and share them with glee! Perfect for adult club nights, parties, hen and stag nights, or anywhere that wants to whip up its crowd into a froth of giggles. They may not remember taking the picture but they’ll definitely want to share it across their social media in the morning!

Each board can be bought as it is, or with bespoke branding for a club or event for just a little extra. With branding such as logos, website address, hashtags, social media or a corporate message, the photos that get shared become a marketing opportunity that keeps on giving – hey presto, publicity!

If you choose to buy a photo cutout board, we’ll add any personal message you request, or branding for a business. This can be a logo, social media address or #hashtag, web address, or any other information you wish to add to the board. Branding helps to spread the popularity of your website or social media channel, or simply raise brand awareness via the photos that people take of the board and then share on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any of the many other channels they use.

Each Photo Cutout board has been designed to create a gigglesome party animal atmosphere and encourage people to take and share photos of your event.

Board dimensions: Single 175cmx80cm, Duo 175cmx100cm, Large 170cmx155cm.

Made using industrial Foamex PVC board. Foamex is lightweight, durable and weather-resistant for ease of use and portability. This provides a stable base for the high-quality matt vinyl print.

The boards are supported in a strong, light, durable and safe aluminium frame and there is a range of stable support options to suit your location and needs.

Unique artwork – no copycat designs, just imagery by artists who love to create a wild atmosphere for your 18+ event.

There is a shipping fee of £25 + VAT which will be added in the shopping cart, if you add multiple boards to your cart the shipping will adjust.

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