Cross Event First Aid (CEFA)

132 High Street, Riddings DE55 4BN, United Kingdom

When large crowds gather for a public event there needs to be first aid cover to ensure peoples wellbeing and safety.
Our medical teams are qualified in a range of skills and in the event of an incident happening at your event you can be safe in the knowledge that their skills will prevent further harm and will save lifes. Our team will provide essential medical care untill the emergency services arrive if needed.
Some of our team members are qualified in advanced first aid skills which could mean the diference between life and death.

By using our medical event cover you will automatically:
Have met your obligations in the provision of medical aid.
Have public liability cover.
Have employee liability cover for our employees.
Have medical malpractice and indemnity cover.
Be protecting your event participants and organisers at a professional level.

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