Lea Valley halls for hire

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Enfield EN3 6TW, United Kingdom
125 Bullsmoor Lane Enfield EN3 6TH GB

At Lea Valley halls for hire they offer, ranges from sports halls and outdoor pitches that are for any customers with interest of sports, with these sports facilities you are able to be fully gratified with these spacious halls, their indoor sports halls allows you to play from indoor football to badminton and basketball and even other sports like table tennis. They don’t just offer sports halls, their conference and meeting rooms are comfortable and professional enough for any meeting, in addition to this it can be changed to suit your particular event.
With excellent equipment as well, they also provide great side-line equipment you can access, extra tables and chairs until you’re satisfied and on top of all of that, they offer dining halls as extras for particular addition if you’re wanting your clients to have a lunch break. Their halls aren’t just for meetings either, if your interest is to host parties there, luxury yet professional halls can be changed to suit your needs; so weather it’s a bouncy castle party, or a regular party we provide a wide range of halls to accompany your parties, With additional contribution of tables and chairs, being concerned about lack of equipment isn’t a problem.
If your interest is with in Drama and dance and you’re looking for appropriate studio’s, well you’re in luck, at Lea Valley halls for hire, their professional and specific dance and drama studio’s, equipped with fully sprung wooden floors and mirrored windows; you are able to be satisfied with the perfect and specific studio, to make all your clients and your customers gratified to these studios. In addition to all of this they provide extra halls if your concern is about space.

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Dance Studio AR2.JPG 6 years ago
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