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K&K'S Logo.png
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86 Brython Dr, St. Mellons, Cardiff CF3 0GB, UK
86 Brython Drive Saint Mellons Wales CF3 0GB GB

Hi There,

Thanks for visiting us here.

We are a family run equipment hire service business.
We offer an excellent customer service as standard.

Please see bouncyfunhouse.co.uk for more information.


Hot Tub Hire
Inflatable Equipment Hire
Fun Foods Hire
Catering Service
Disney Character Birthday Cake Baking Service
Party Organiser
Catering: Hot & Cold Beverages
We hold a 5* Food & Hygiene Certificate.
5m worth of Liability Insurance Cover in place
All our inflatables (including electrical equipment) are PAT Tested.
We are also a member of the British Inflatables Hirers Alliance (BIHA)

We reserve the right to cancel a booking were we feel the customers safety could be at risk an example of this would be dangerous weather conditions. Health and Safety regulations advise that an inflatable castle can not be used in wind speeds exceeding 24mph, gale force 5. Luckily we do not get weather like this to often but in the unlikely event that we do and if you have paid before your booking a full refund will be issued.

No deposit required we just ask that you can let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel so that we can then free up the booking for another customer.

K&K'S Logo.png 1 year ago
Food Hygiene Certificate.jpg 1 year ago
Retro Popcorn Machine.jpg 1 year ago
Retro Candy Floss Machine.jpg 1 year ago
Partyware Accessories.jpg 1 year ago
8x8 with slide Bouncy castle and soft play.jpg 1 year ago
DIsco Dome 1 (2).JPG 1 year ago
Balloon Themed Bouncy Castle Resize to 975 - 482.jpg 1 year ago
Up-4-It Giant Connect 4.jpg 1 year ago
Splat The Rat.jpg 1 year ago
Lego Creative 1.JPG 1 year ago
Disco Dome 1.1.JPG 1 year ago
4 x 4 Soft Play.jpg 1 year ago
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