Impact Dance Group

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Bkackand white 2.JPG
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192 Gravelly Hill Erdington Birmingham B23 7PE
192 Gravelly Hill Birmingham B23 7PE GB

Impact have been performing for the last 13 years and Members come and go, They are all professional dancers and have and array of spectacular costumes.

Bkackand white 2.JPG 7 years ago
Graham Norton strip.jpg 7 years ago
Gatsby Meet and greet.jpg 7 years ago
Gatsby pink and orange.jpg 7 years ago
Black and white screensaver Can can.jpg 7 years ago
Gold top hats.jpg 7 years ago
tapdance strip routine.jpg 7 years ago
Gold leotards.jpg 7 years ago
red feathers_n.jpg 7 years ago
Prince Charles 1.JPG 7 years ago
Orange and yellow dancing.jpg 7 years ago
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