Facilities for hire at Cumberland School

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Oban Close, Plaistow, London, E13 8SJ
8-9 Oban Close London GB


At Cumberland School facilities, we provide all the necessary facilities ranging from sports and recreation , to function and venues, to concert halls, to even party services and events and even conference rooms; all of this at a great value. At Cumberland School our sports and recreation facilities reach both indoor and outdoor. With facilities such as 11 a-side pitches, and indoor facilities such as both main hall and small hall, where sports such as basketball, gymnastics and more are available to be played at.

Our side-line equipment to help with these great facilities cover a wide range from, goals, mats, tables, chairs and amazingly even piano’s and projection facilities. At Cumberland School we don’t only cover sports, our conference and function halls, we provide great and professional facilities such as: meeting rooms perfect for meetings, also we provide special classes for those interest in of a more professional look. Our side-line equipment cover a wide range from, things such as; tables, chairs, and even projectors. Once again at Cumberland School our facilities also provide for venues and even managements, we provide facilities such as mains halls, outdoor playing fields and even dining rooms, depending on your interest. Weather your party is disco or general, at Cumberland School we make sure to provide the best facilities possible for, your interest.

Our final stretch of facilities that we provide at Cumberland School is our dance and drama facilities; with a variety of halls, dance and drama sessions is perfect at Cumberland School. Our drama equipment that we provide is a ballet barre,, mirrors, drama curtains and even seats and drama curtains. So weather its sports or conference, venues or even drama and dance sessions then facilities for hire at Cumberland school is the perfect place for you.


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