Dodson's Fresh Catch

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15 Barker Street, Stanley, Wakefield, Wakefield WF3, UK
15 Barker Street Stanley England GB

We’re ‘Dodson’s Fresh Catch’, the proud founders of our mobile fish and chip catering van business. Our vans operate from East Midlands & Yorkshire including areas such as Leeds, Sheffield, York, Manchester, Hull, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, Derby, Leicester, Peterborough and Birmingham. Our aim is to produce delicious fish & chips for you and your guests and to provide every customer with the same excellent standard of service.

Fish & Chips are one of the Nations greatest dishes. We are proud to put in the hard work and dedication to make each portion as irresistibly tasty as the last, using only the finest of fresh local produce.

Excellence & consistency are our main priorities as we bring quality fresh fish & delicious hand cut chips straight from our mobile catering van to your doorstep.

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